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Whats the difference between GSD5 and GSD8?

The GSD5 has 5 rolls which measures to 1000's of litres. If you want to know the usage down to the litre you need to read the dials. Where as the GSD 8 has 8 rolls which measures  down to the litre making it very easy to read.

If you want to EASILY measure down to the litre then you need a GSD8 water meter. (perfect for Granny flats, dual occupancy, units or strata title). If your only interested in measuring to the nearest thousand liters or dont mind reading the dials to get the usage in litres then a GSD5 water meter is fine.

GSD5 vs GSD8 Water Meters

Whats the Pulse Output for?

If you wish to digitally or remotely monitor and record your usage you will require a meter with a pulse output. These can be directly connected to a digital display or you can connect to data acquisition equipment.

What size do I require?

Ask your plumber - Australian domestic pipes are either 1/2" or 3/4".

Do the meters come with both brass unions?

Yes! All our meters come with suitble 1/2" or 3/4" brass unions (male).

Do I need to install the filter?

We reccommend you install a filter to protect the meter from debris. The filters we sell are easily cleaned by removing the nut as shown below...

Water Meter Filter