15mm or 1/2" DR Brass "Y" Strainer with Stainless Steel Mesh Screen
Domestic Water Meters

15mm or 1/2" DR Brass "Y" Strainer with Stainless Steel Mesh Screen

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Brass Watermark Approved 'Y' strainer with 500 micron stainless steel screen. Suitable for screening out solid material greater than 500 micron or 0.5mm in size.

15mm Filter Example

Whats the Pulse Output for?

If you wish to digitally or remotely monitor and record your usage you will require a meter with a pulse output. These can be directly connected to a digital display or you can connect to data acquisition equipment.

What size do I require?

Australian domestic pipes are either 1/2" or 3/4" - Please ask your plumber.

Do the meters come with both brass unions?

Yes! All our meters come with suitable 1/2" or 3/4" brass unions (male).

Do I need to install the filter?

We recommend you install a filter to protect the meter from debris. The filters we sell are easily cleaned by unscrewing the nut as shown below and then removing the cylindrical mesh filter and washing with clean water to remove debris...

Usage scenarios for our water meters

  • Granny Flats - Measuring Hot and or Coldwater usage in Granny Flats.
  • Strata Units - Measuring usage of each unit for bill splitting.
  • Water Tank - Measuring consumption.
  • Boats - Measuring consumption.
  • Stock - Measuring livestock water consumption



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